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Welcome to National Aerospace Supply Company Online

National Aerospace Supply Company is Your supplier of Vacuum Bagging support material from:

Release films ( FEP, PMP, ETFE, ECTFE, and MR 1" to 60") .

Release fabrics ( Teflon coated fiberglass porous and non-porous with or without silicon or acrylic adhesive)

Peel Plies ( polyester and nylon, coated and uncoated from 1" to 60")

Breathers and Bleeders ( 2oz, 4oz, 7oz, 10oz, 30oz nylon and polyester from 3" to 120")

Bagging films in lay flat, V-folded and tube form 2" to 144"( low temp. to high temp)

Sealant tapes ( also known as tacky tape or zinc chromate)

Flashstripper tapes ( polyester and nylon with acrylic, rubber, or silicon adhesives)

Vacuum hoses, valves, quick disconnect fittings, and pumps.

Table top cutting surfaces, wheel cutters, knifes and replacement blades